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Start the Day Organized

31 Mar


Organized Bathroom StorageA bevy of drawers and under the sink storage space allows you to store all your personal care products close to where you use them.


The Chimney

30 Mar

Still standing long after the structure is gone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

29 Mar

Annie, Michael and the man

Three different ways to enjoy the ocean: sit back and watch the waves, let the waves bury your hands in the sand, and take a swim in it.

Organized Monday

28 Mar

Organized Monday

Organized storage enables you to contain current projects while keeping them easy to get to and work on. Have a productive week!

Fresh Spring Bedroom Design

27 Mar

Relaxing Bedroom

Bright blue coupled with white gives this bedroom a fresh, updated look as we head into the warmer seasons.

Up Late at Night

26 Mar

Up Late at Night

Atlantans thrive at night!

Recycled Fencing Material

25 Mar

Trash or treasure?



24 Mar

Too bad this blog doesn’t have smell-o-vision as the scent of the jasmine was intoxicating!

View From Above

23 Mar

View from Above

Looking down on the city from the 32nd floor.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

22 Mar
Grandmother's Lilac

Meme's Lilac


Seven years after planting a cutting from my grandmother’s lilac bush, it bloomed – Happy Spring!