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Half Way Point for 2011

30 Jun

Happy Half-New Year

Happy Half-New Year’s Eve! How’s your year going?



Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

29 Jun

The kids had a refreshing dip in the lake swimming with the fishes.Swimming hole


28 Jun

Purple wildflower

I saw this small patch of wildflowers on a morning walk near the river. I love the dew on the petals of the purple wildflower.

Splashing in the Fountain

27 Jun

Kids in the fountain

When it’s hot outside, kids are drawn to a fountain filled with cool water like a magnet!

AthFest 2011

26 Jun

AthFest 2011

It was an awesome day in Athens, Georgia at AthFest 2011; good food, hot weather, cold beer and great music!

Miss Huff Lantana

25 Jun

Mrs. Huff's Lantana

Miss Huff lantana has flowers that turn from yellow to orange to pink in the warm summer weather.

How Do You Explain the Man in the Moon?

24 Jun

Man in the moon

How do you explain the man in the moon to someone else? My son can’t see the “face” and I don’t know how to explain how to “see” it. Any ideas?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

23 Jun

Worn tools in a box

My grandmother’s farm is full of well worn tools, toys and old hardware in little wooden boxes.

A Twin Squash

22 Jun

A "twin" squash

We grew a double squash! It’s connected, so does that make them siamese twins?


The First Day of Summer

21 Jun

Summer Solstice

The season of the sun.