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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

31 Jul

Broken butterfly wing

Even with a broken wing, this Swallowtail butterfly happily flits from flower to flower with the greatest of ease.


My Morning Walk

30 Jul

Ducks and geese at Little Mulberry Park

At Little Mulberry Park in Dacula, GA, the walking/jogging/biking trail winds around the fishing lake and most mornings there are ducks and geese taking advantage of the cool waters.

Bees at Home Depot

29 Jul

Bees love flowers

While shopping at Home Depot in the Garden Center, I spotted this big bee hanging out on the flowers out front.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

28 Jul

Colorful flowers

For this week’s photo challenge, I chose the colorful throat of the canna lily. I love the vibrant orange and yellow of the flowers.

The Bluest Blue

27 Jul

Blue blue

The hydrangea had the bluest flowers I’ve ever seen this year! Any idea how it happened? It received no care what-so-ever except a little sunshine and rain water.

Have You Seen the Big Chicken?

26 Jul

Turning left at the Big Chicken

The Big Chicken landmark is a 56′ tall steel chicken that sits atop a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant at the corner of Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road in Marietta, GA.

If you turn left at the Big Chicken and drive six blocks west, it will take you to Marietta Square where you can shop, eat, and stroll in this charming Southern town.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – The Big Chicken
12 Cobb Parkway
Marietta GA 30062

Mushroom Caps

25 Jul

Naturally decorated mushrooms

Our yard is starting to sprout mushrooms with all the steamy summer weather we’ve been having.

Art for the Birds

24 Jul

Birds admiring the wall art

In Jacksonville Beach Florida, boarded up windows are painted with whimsical sea themed motifs.

Red Tipped Roses

23 Jul

Red Tipped Roses

A bouquet of lovely red-tipped roses to brighten your day!

Cookhouse Turned Guesthouse

22 Jul

The cook's house

In days gone by, the cookhouse served as the kitchen for the main farm house. It was built away from the main home because of the heat an open hearth generated. In the 1800s there were no air conditioners, and there was also a threat of fire.

Today this cookhouse in Madison, GA has been converted into a charming retreat for overnight guests.