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Mother’s Day

13 May

Put your feet up, it's Mother's Day!

A day to put our feet up and acknowledge how lucky we are to be the mothers of our children.


Even Santa Has to Pay His Cell Phone Bill

24 Dec

Even Santa has to pay his phone bill

I was in the AT&T store today and saw Santa paying his phone bill at the in-store kiosk before heading out to deliver toys to all the good boys and girls.

America Recycles Day

15 Nov

America Recycles Day is November 15th

Every day is a great day to recycle food packaging like cardboard, glass, plastics, metal, aluminum and paper.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Raise Your Hands

10 Oct

June's HandsAunt June’s hands turn the pages of a decorating book looking for inspiration.

Crazy Golf Pants

14 Aug

Golf fashion 2011

The 93rd PGA Championship was held at the Atlanta Athletic Club this week and crazy golf pants were everywhere in the crowd. No photos were allowed inside the event (so I can’t show you the purple paisley, bright circles that looked like a Twister game, or the plaids and stripes) but I captured this picture of the latest golf fashions outside the gates as we headed toward the shuttle buses.

Check out the photo gallery at Chicago Tribune Style for more crazy golf pants.

Dinner at Hi Life

13 Aug

Dinner at Hi-Life

Delicious dinner at Hi Life of seared jumbo scallops, wasabi whipped potatoes, tempura green beans, roasted shiitake mushrooms, and a lemongrass beurre blanc sauce. Yummy!

Mojito Bonito

12 Aug

Mojito Bonnito

The skinny Mojito Bonito at Gary’s Bistro is a perfect summer cocktail.


11 Aug


Shaky hands carried the evening espresso.

Have You Seen the Big Chicken?

26 Jul

Turning left at the Big Chicken

The Big Chicken landmark is a 56′ tall steel chicken that sits atop a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant at the corner of Cobb Parkway and Roswell Road in Marietta, GA.

If you turn left at the Big Chicken and drive six blocks west, it will take you to Marietta Square where you can shop, eat, and stroll in this charming Southern town.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – The Big Chicken
12 Cobb Parkway
Marietta GA 30062

Go Mom!

19 Jul

Go Mom

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.
– Mildred B. Vermont