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Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

15 Aug

Courtyard entrance

A courtyard entrance through a decorative iron gate in the town of Madison, GA..


Pump Your Own Water

10 Aug

Pump your own water

When I was a little girl, my brothers and I thought it was great fun to pump water out of the well at my grandmother’s farm. The last time I visited, I couldn’t get a drop out of it! I’m not sure if I gave up too quickly or if the well, indeed, has run dry.

Art for the Birds

24 Jul

Birds admiring the wall art

In Jacksonville Beach Florida, boarded up windows are painted with whimsical sea themed motifs.

Cookhouse Turned Guesthouse

22 Jul

The cook's house

In days gone by, the cookhouse served as the kitchen for the main farm house. It was built away from the main home because of the heat an open hearth generated. In the 1800s there were no air conditioners, and there was also a threat of fire.

Today this cookhouse in Madison, GA has been converted into a charming retreat for overnight guests.

Red, White and Blue

10 Jul
Gingerbread blue

Gingerbread Blue

A red, white and blue American home.

White House | Straight Lines

7 Jul
White House on the Corner

White House on the Corner

There are very few curves on this corner in the coastal town of Wilmington.



Wilmington Windows

6 Jul
Wilmington NC

Wilmington Bay

A bay window in Wilmington dressed for the celebration.



Southern Salute

5 Jul
Patriotic Pride

Patriotic Pride

The residents of Wilmington, NC are proud of their city, their homes and their country – we salute you!



Happy Birthday America!

4 Jul
Double porches

Flags and Banners for the 4th

Wishing you a very Happy 235th Birthday America! We love you!


American Spirit

2 Jul
4th of July picket fence

The Party Continues

A festive display of patriotism greets us as soon as we round the corner.