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Flat Day

5 Apr

Flat DayA flat day at the beach sure beats a glossy day at the office – any day!


Spring Break Dangers

4 Apr

Hole in the Beach

Be careful walking on the beach at night… you may step in a giant hole!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

3 Apr

Last light of the dayThe last light of the day draws our eyes to the sky.

6 Weeks Until Bikini Season

2 Apr

6 weeks until bikini season

Will you be ready?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

29 Mar

Annie, Michael and the man

Three different ways to enjoy the ocean: sit back and watch the waves, let the waves bury your hands in the sand, and take a swim in it.

View from the Roof

15 Mar


The sun sets on another relaxing day at the coast.

Dreaming of the Beach

14 Mar
Front Porch at the Beach House

Front Porch at the Beach House


The rocker on the left is calling my name…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

22 Feb



A baby finds refuge in his mother’s arms while adults often seek the solace of the beach to sooth the soul.

Float Like a Boat

5 Jan

Beach Birdie

Floating in the cold January waters off the coast of Florida, I wonder if he dreams of summertime, too.