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How Do You Explain the Man in the Moon?

24 Jun

Man in the moon

How do you explain the man in the moon to someone else? My son can’t see the “face” and I don’t know how to explain how to “see” it. Any ideas?


You Maica Me Proud

15 Jun

Jamaica Me Krazy

You maica me happy!


Just For Today

9 May

No Cussing

No cussing!!

Go Climb a Stump

3 May

Go Climb a Stump

This has to be the saddest statue I’ve ever seen.

Earth Man Proverb

30 Apr

Earth Man

Help your neighbor, help your earth.

Pick Three

25 Apr

Pick Three

Good things come in threes…

Easter Bunny’s House

23 Apr

The Easter Bunny Lives here

Surely, the Easter Bunny lives here, Virginia.

Moms at Work

19 Apr

Moms at Work

This mom grinds stumps with her three year old on her back, outfitted in a special helmet with face protection and ear protection. What a woman!

Last Day at the Beach

10 Apr

Last Day at the Beach

Taking in the sights and smells of the ocean one last time before we go.

Sea Urchin

8 Apr

Sea urchin

The beach is filled with characters, creatures and urchins on a bright day.