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Kudzu Blooms

11 Oct

Kudzu blooms

Have you ever seen the kudzu bloom? In the late days of summer, the vine on the back fence blooms in purples and reds.


Glorious Morning

2 Aug

Morning glory

The Morning Glory vine has bell shaped flowers that bloom for only a day. You’ll need to take a walk in the garden before mid day if you want to see their glorious colors.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

31 Jul

Broken butterfly wing

Even with a broken wing, this Swallowtail butterfly happily flits from flower to flower with the greatest of ease.

Bees at Home Depot

29 Jul

Bees love flowers

While shopping at Home Depot in the Garden Center, I spotted this big bee hanging out on the flowers out front.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

28 Jul

Colorful flowers

For this week’s photo challenge, I chose the colorful throat of the canna lily. I love the vibrant orange and yellow of the flowers.

The Bluest Blue

27 Jul

Blue blue

The hydrangea had the bluest flowers I’ve ever seen this year! Any idea how it happened? It received no care what-so-ever except a little sunshine and rain water.

Purple Arrangement

17 Jul

Purple flower arrangement

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” –Alice Walker

Miss Huff Lantana

25 Jun

Mrs. Huff's Lantana

Miss Huff lantana has flowers that turn from yellow to orange to pink in the warm summer weather.

Cozy Front Porch Ideas

7 Jun

Blue house

Hanging baskets of plants, containers filled with flowers and a flag to flap in the breeze all contribute to creating a cozy front porch made for sitting and visiting.