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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Raise Your Hands

10 Oct

June's HandsAunt June’s hands turn the pages of a decorating book looking for inspiration.


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Landscapes

1 Aug

Vine covered barn

I spotted this vine covered barn in Dacula, GA,

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Props

18 Jul

Conversing atop a pig


For this week’s photo challenge, I entered this candid shot of a couple having a conversation in a busy square on a pig.

Community Photo Challenge | Summer Fun!

11 Jul

Summer fun at the ball park

Ballparks across America are filled with kids enjoying the fun on the field with their team mates and coaches.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

20 Jun

Let's hear it for the boys!

If this photo could talk, you may hear son on the left say to son on the right, “That’s not fair, you weigh more than I do so you can move your bean bag farther down the course…”.