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Mother’s Day

13 May

Put your feet up, it's Mother's Day!

A day to put our feet up and acknowledge how lucky we are to be the mothers of our children.


Even Santa Has to Pay His Cell Phone Bill

24 Dec

Even Santa has to pay his phone bill

I was in the AT&T store today and saw Santa paying his phone bill at the in-store kiosk before heading out to deliver toys to all the good boys and girls.

Kudzu Blooms

11 Oct

Kudzu blooms

Have you ever seen the kudzu bloom? In the late days of summer, the vine on the back fence blooms in purples and reds.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Raise Your Hands

10 Oct

June's HandsAunt June’s hands turn the pages of a decorating book looking for inspiration.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

15 Aug

Courtyard entrance

A courtyard entrance through a decorative iron gate in the town of Madison, GA..

Mojito Bonito

12 Aug

Mojito Bonnito

The skinny Mojito Bonito at Gary’s Bistro is a perfect summer cocktail.


11 Aug


Shaky hands carried the evening espresso.

Pump Your Own Water

10 Aug

Pump your own water

When I was a little girl, my brothers and I thought it was great fun to pump water out of the well at my grandmother’s farm. The last time I visited, I couldn’t get a drop out of it! I’m not sure if I gave up too quickly or if the well, indeed, has run dry.

Morning Dew

3 Aug

Morning dew

New morning glory blooms were wet with dew this morning.

Glorious Morning

2 Aug

Morning glory

The Morning Glory vine has bell shaped flowers that bloom for only a day. You’ll need to take a walk in the garden before mid day if you want to see their glorious colors.