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I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Raise Your Hands

10 Oct

June's HandsAunt June’s hands turn the pages of a decorating book looking for inspiration.


Ducks on a Pond

8 Aug

Ducks taking a morning swim

Just ducky.

Plants That Make Me Itch

7 Aug

Poison ivy plant

Just looking at this poison ivy makes me itch!

It took me a long time to figure out that it was this plant that makes me break out in a rash because it doesn’t look like ivy nor does it look poisonous (so healthy and green!).

Remember: Leaves of three, let them be.

Bugs and Blooms

6 Aug

Bug on the daylily

Another beautiful daylily, blooming just for today.

On the Fence

4 Aug

Butterfly on the fence

Big, beautiful butterflies are everywhere in my yard!

Morning Dew

3 Aug

Morning dew

New morning glory blooms were wet with dew this morning.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Landscapes

1 Aug

Vine covered barn

I spotted this vine covered barn in Dacula, GA,

Mushroom Caps

25 Jul

Naturally decorated mushrooms

Our yard is starting to sprout mushrooms with all the steamy┬ásummer weather we’ve been having.

Art for the Birds

24 Jul

Birds admiring the wall art

In Jacksonville Beach Florida, boarded up windows are painted with whimsical sea themed motifs.

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Props

18 Jul

Conversing atop a pig


For this week’s photo challenge, I entered this candid shot of a couple having a conversation in a busy square on a pig.