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Ducks on a Pond

8 Aug

Ducks taking a morning swim

Just ducky.


The Bluest Blue

27 Jul

Blue blue

The hydrangea had the bluest flowers I’ve ever seen this year! Any idea how it happened? It received no care what-so-ever except a little sunshine and rain water.

Mushroom Caps

25 Jul

Naturally decorated mushrooms

Our yard is starting to sprout mushrooms with all the steamy┬ásummer weather we’ve been having.

Red Tipped Roses

23 Jul

Red Tipped Roses

A bouquet of lovely red-tipped roses to brighten your day!

Peach Roses

16 Jul

Peach roses

These roses smell as heavenly as they look!



Sun’s Rays

12 Jun

light rays coming through the clouds

The light from above shines down on us through the clouds.

Anna’s Azaleas

10 May

Anna's Azaleas

My mom enjoys azalea propagation and this is one of her spotted blooms.

Mother of 4

8 May

Baby blue eggs in a nest

Congratulations to moms everywhere!

Kitten Romp

4 May

Kitten Romp

It’s kitten season again!

Run Bug Run

27 Apr

Run bug, run

The florescent green bug was traveling fast in the wet grass.